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The Solution

Medical Devices Are Healthcare's Weakest Link

Thousands of IoMT devices expose clinical ecosystems to malware and cyber attacks but cannot be disconnected because they are critical to patient care and network infrastructure. Standard IT solutions do not apply to healthcare IoT and often leave hospitals vulnerable, jeopardizing patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability. Cynerio translates IT risk into healthcare business goals, forges a connection between the IT security and clinical engineering teams, and secures your clinical network without interrupting services.

Protecting the Assets That Support Lives

Effective IoMT security isn’t just about the “what and where” of connected medical devices. It’s about the “how and why.” The Cynerio platform provides a deep understanding of the medical context of each device, pinpoints vulnerabilities, and contextualizes device risk according to clinical impact. The combined power of AI and Cynerio research delivers robust services including custom segmentation policies, real-time event monitoring, firewall/NAC configuration, and more.

A Cybersecurity Platform Built for IoMT

A 360° View Beyond Devices

A 360° View Beyond Devices
Continuously discovers and profiles connected medical devices
Maps network topology and contextualizes behavior based on clinical impact and workflow

Impact-Focused Services

Impact-Focused Services
Analyze risk and detect anomalies, vulnerabilities, and breaches
Track PHI, schedule reports, and receive meaningful alerts and risk impact scores

Actionable Security

Actionable Security
Integrates and enriches top-tier security tools with medical-first context
Provides robust and enforceable segmentation policies

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