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Connected Medical Devices Are a Cyber-security Blindspot

Connected medical devices are exposed to malware and cyber attacks that exploit weaknesses in their security and vulnerabilities of their outdated operating systems. Compromised medical devices act as a gateway for hackers to access patient medical data and expose the organization to potential service disruptions that could impact clinical care and patient safety.

From an IT perspective, connected medical devices appear as “black boxes” making it nearly impossible for security teams to accurately assess the cyber-risks and enforce security controls and policies to mitigate the risks.

Healthcare-driven Cyber-protection Platform for Connected Medical Devices and IoMT

Cynerio’s network-based platform gives you data-rich visibility into the function and behavior of every medical device, pinpoints the risks and applies tailored protection to ensure operational availability and patient safety.

Dedicated Layer of Defence for Connected Medical Devices

Visibility into the devices and their connectivity

Continuously discovers and classifies all the connected medical devices
Maps their network behavior based on the context of their communications

Ongoing assessment and prioritization of cyber-risks

Identifies risks and ranks their severity based on vulnerabilities and probability
Indicates the potential impact per device for PHI breach, service disruption and patient safety


Provides tailored protection per device type, without interfering
with clinical workflows
Accurately detects known
and unknown threats based
on healthcare context
behavior analysis

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