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Healthcare IoT Cybersecurity Platform

Securing Healthcare’s Weakest Link

Millions of Healthcare IoT devices are used to care for patients and streamline clinical workflows, but their inherent vulnerabilities to malware and cyber attacks put hospitals and patients at risk. They can’t be disconnected because of their critical roles in patient care and IT network infrastructures, and standard IT solutions can’t secure them. This leaves hospitals exposed and jeopardizes patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability.

Medical Devices IoMT

A 360° View Beyond Devices

Enterprise IoT

A 360° View Beyond Devices

OT Systems

A 360° View Beyond Devices

Healthcare Is Our Only Business

Cynerio's one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform caters to hospitals' every IT need with a suite of solutions that automates cross-organizational risk reduction and operational fitness. Healthcare organizations can leverage clinically contextualized, real-time insights to identify and manage risk, optimize device functionality, and achieve the quick and lasting wins needed to ensure patient safety and smooth operations.

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Solutions for Every Team

All IoT Devices. All IT Needs. One-Stop Shop.

Information Security

A 360° View Beyond Devices
  • Vulnerability Management: Ripple20, Urgent/11 and more
  • Risk Management: Outdated Operating Systems
  • Segmentation/Zero Trust
  • ePHI Protection
  • Threat Detection
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All Medical Devices. Life-Cycle Management.

Biomedical Engineering

A 360° View Beyond Devices
  • Real-Time Inventory and Asset Management
  • Optimizing Resource Allocation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Asset Utilization Tracking
  • Capacity Planning
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Quick & Lasting Wins. Aligned with Your Business Goals

Executive Management

A 360° View Beyond Devices
  • Cross-Organizational Risk Reduction
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Compliance
  • Audit Preparedness
  • Due Diligence on New Sites (M&A)
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