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About Cynerio

The Problem We’re Solving

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices have inserted themselves into nearly every aspect of modern healthcare, making care more efficient and effective. However, these devices have also greatly expanded the attack surface. Most IT security solutions don’t have the visibility to protect, agent or patch IoT (Internet of Things) and IoMT devices. The result? These devices are increasingly used as entry or pivot points in cyberattacks that shut down the entire IT and IoT infrastructure at the hospital and disrupt patient care.

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Our Story

Our co-founders, CEO Leon Lerman and CTO Daniel Brodie, saw a problem with the first generation of IoMT security solutions, which mostly aimed to give hospitals a comprehensive inventory of assets on their network. They didn’t detect or respond to risks and threats on IoT devices, nor prevent them from enabling increasingly common healthcare ransomware attacks. Cynerio was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping hospitals secure every connected asset, including IoMT, IoT, OT (Operational Technology) and unmanaged IT and mobile devices. Cynerio’s platform aligns with the NIST cybersecurity Framework to reduce the risk of healthcare attacks and maximize security coverage across a hospital’s entire IT infrastructure without any impact on patient care or services.

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Our Mission

Cynerio is transforming healthcare IoT security so that patient care is completely insulated from attackers seeking to shut it down for malicious reasons. To that end we have several goals that inform how we want to help hospitals secure their healthcare IoT:

  • Promoting IoT security as a crucial extension of IT security.
  • Demonstrating that Inventory by itself is not enough for IoMT and healthcare IoT security.
  • Assisting hospitals with making their networks less flat.
  • Leveraging IT security solutions that hospitals are already comfortable using for protecting their IoT assets.
  • Developing and disseminating a series of best practices for healthcare IoT security.
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Our Platform

The core of Cynerio's technology is a collector that allows for real-time analysis of network traffic without introducing latency or patient risk. This technology is built to enable rapid cloud development that analyzes and informs hospitals of the devices, threats and protections present in their environment. The Cynerio Platform then leverages this data in two stages to both proactively and reactively safeguard healthcare IoT devices against the current onslaught of hospital ransomware attacks and data breaches:

Rapid Risk Reduction

Detects and remediates healthcare IoT and unmanaged IT vulnerabilities such as unpatched or recalled devices before attackers can take advantage and hack them.

Attack Detection and Response

Identifies live threats such as ransomware and malware on healthcare IoT devices and prevents them from affecting device functionality or spreading throughout the network to other devices.

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Our Future

There is rarely a single bullet solution to any given security problem, and healthcare IoT security is no exception. However, Cynerio will continue to investigate and scale approaches for securing these devices, including automated inventory, discovery and protection of currently unmanaged devices, improved defense in depth at the device, network and environmental levels, and a clear understanding of responsibility, action, and accountability for healthcare IoT devices. To combat the lack of security expertise currently plaguing healthcare, we also seek to work with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), grassroots security movements, research organizations, and experts in other security fields like the military, banking, and insurance to bolster healthcare IoT defense and help it catch up to those industries in security sophistication.

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