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Securing the Internet of Medical Things

Protecting hospitals' weakest link to ensure patient safety, data confidentiality and business continuity

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenge

Connected medical devices are the most vulnerable assets on the hospital network. Insecure devices increase cyberattack surface and pose a major risk to patient safety and operational continuity of hospitals.

The Main Challenge Hospitals Face is Lack of Visibility

Identifying the existing devices, the network connection points and the role and significance of each device are crucial.

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Make your medical assets safe today

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The Solution


Comprehensive inventory and network visualization built on ongoing identification and classification of all the devices on the network

Risk Mitigation

Actionable and prioritized risk mapping supported by continuous vulnerability and impact assessment


Real-time device monitoring and anomaly detection with medical context and impact consideration


Reduced cyber attack surface implemented by micro segmentation and automatic policy configuration


Understanding Healthcare

We tap into your network and provide a custom solution that prioritizes your risks and remedies based on device criticality and potential impact on safety, availability and confidentiality

Meaningful Anomaly Detection

Alerts on high risk behaviors that impact the hospital's bottom line. Spend time on alerts that matter and apply controls in accordance with severity

Security Through Flexibility

Not all devices are created equal. Our tailor-made threat remediation system applies micro segmentation based on device significance and network behavior

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Apr 2, 2020
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To help shed some light on medical device security lifecycles and to help adapt to unforeseeable changes in the healthcare industry, Cynerio partnered with the Biomed/CE publication, TechNation, and led a webinar on the essential ins and outs of managing the medical device security lifecycle. Here’s a quick peek at the highlights.

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Make your medical assets safe today

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