Network Detection + Response
Network Detection + Response

Stopping Healthcare-Focused Cyber Attacks

In the face of escalating cyber threats targeting healthcare, reliance on traditional systems is increasingly being proven inadequate. From ransomware gangs to opportunistic script kiddies, the healthcare sector has emerged as the primary target for cyber threats. The need for modern, reactive protections paired with proactive guidance is increasingly critical. 

To combat these challenges, Cynerio’s Network Detection + Response technology is designed for rapid deployment, day 1 protections, validation of alerts, and response times measured in seconds.

Designed specifically for healthcare environments

Day 1 Protections

Immediately identify and protect against dormant, ongoing, and future attacks, ensuring swift response and mitigation.

Comprehensive Coverage

Address attacks on all connected technologies, including IT, IoT, IoMT, and OT systems, creating a unified defense against diverse threat vectors.

Validated Findings

Remove the noise generated by traditional systems, focusing on verified threats for more efficient and accurate response efforts.

Supported Response

Receive clear attack details, guidance, and support within minutes, empowering decisive, efficient action.

Forensic Details

Access full forensic details, tracing the origin and flow of data, and providing crucial insights for comprehensive investigation and response.

Full Integration

Seamlessly view results in the Cynerio Platform or integrate with existing in-place systems, ensuring a cohesive cybersecurity infrastructure.

Embrace Generative AI

Harness the power of advanced feedback loops, fueled by insights from a diverse array of healthcare environments.

Identify Exploitation Attempts

Cynerio's Network Detection and Response (NDR) acts as your hospital's cyber sleuth, laser-focused on healthcare threats. It continuously analyzes network activity, using advanced behavioral analytics to identify suspicious patterns specific to medical devices and healthcare IT systems.

From unauthorized access attempts to data exfiltration techniques, and even malware designed to disrupt critical medical equipment. Cynerio doesn't just detect – it responds swiftly, containing threats and minimizing damage before they can impact patient care. With Cynerio NDR, your healthcare network is under vigilant watch, safeguarding both data and patient well-being.

Identify Exploitation Attempts
Detailed Threat Intelligence

Detailed Threat Intelligence

Combatting attacks requires more than basic alerts. By equipping hospitals with detailed threat intelligence tailored to the healthcare industry, NDR delves deep into detected attacks, uncovering attacker TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures), preferred tools, and even links to specific healthcare vulnerabilities.

This granular knowledge empowers you to understand an attacker's motives, predict their next move and proactively strengthen defenses. This insight can then be shared within teams to respond immediately and boost long term protection.

Forensic Details

Responding to attacks requires a detailed forensic picture. Cynerio NDR provides a range of valuable information including exploited entry points, identification of exposed data, tracing of an attacker’s digital footprint and reconstruction of the attack timeline.

This wealth of information empowers hospitals to identify specific attack vectors and patch vulnerabilities, hunt for residual malware and ensure complete eradication. As team members learn from the attack they quickly improve future defenses, gather evidence for incident reporting and identify potentially impacted compliance areas.

Forensic Details
Event and Asset Dashboard

Event and Asset Dashboard

Transform your security posture with an intuitive event and asset dashboard. At a glance, see the health of your entire ecosystem, including the number of monitored assets, granular visibility into network activity, exploitation events and connections to suspicious domains.

The real-time dashboard empowers users to prioritize events, drill down on incident details, track remediation efforts and measure security improvements.

Cynerio NDR: Stop Healthcare Attacks in Their Tracks

Cynerio NDR is your active defense against healthcare cyberthreats. It continuously monitors your network, identifying and prioritizing suspicious activity specific to medical devices and IT systems. No more waiting for breaches - Cynerio proactively hunts down threats, analyzing their tactics and uncovering attacker motives. After an attack, it meticulously gathers forensic evidence, empowering you to patch vulnerabilities, hunt for lingering malware, and prevent future intrusions. With its intuitive dashboard, you get real-time insights into threats, connections, and device health, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and take decisive action.

Don't be a victim - take control of your healthcare cybersecurity with Cynerio NDR.

Stop Attacks Today

Healthcare environments are breeding grounds for undetected attacks that persist for months.