Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform

Stopping Attacks and Improving Protections

Network Detection + Response
Network Detection + Response

Day 1 security protections

Stop propagation of common attacks

Detect ransomware, malware, data bre

Fully validated findings

Forensic details

Cynerio Live response support

Patient Data Security
Patient Data Security

Identify targets of future data breaches

Discover systems
exposing ePHI, from PACs to APls

Investigate improper auth/auth

Determine ePHIl transmission type and volume

Supported remediation guidance

Complete Asset Visibility
Complete Asset Visibility

Automated discovery of connected devices

loT/loMT /OT

IT / Unmanaged IT / Unknown Devices

Single Pane of Glass visibility

Agentless deployment

Eliminate vendor overlap

Medical Device Security
Medical Device Security

Deep security insight into non-IT connected devices

Prioritized risk remediation

Logistical details (location, version, etc)

Digitized MDS2

Device utilization + optimization

Cyber compliance reporting

The rapid adoption of connected devices has made healthcare the most targeted sector for cyberattacks in the United States. The resulting surge in data breaches, ransomware incidents, and other malicious attacks underscores the critical need for fortified defenses within healthcare organizations. At the core of this vulnerability lies a trifecta of challenges: the relentless evolution of cyber threats, limited resources, and a scarcity of expertise, exacerbated by a reliance on outdated technology.

Cynerio’s Healthcare Cybersecurity platform has been developed to address these challenges and improve protections for patients. Our approach encompasses essential strategies such as proactive patching, microsegmentation, day-one protections, and clear guidance, empowering healthcare executives to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity with confidence.

Enhanced Cyber Protections for Healthcare

Day 1 Network Detection + Response

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with immediate detection and response capabilities on day one, providing a proactive defense against network attacks.

Complete Asset Visibility

Gain a strategic advantage with a comprehensive inventory and visibility into connected devices across your healthcare ecosystem, enabling you to proactively manage and secure your network.

In-Depth Device Detail and Risk Guidance

Elevate your risk management approach with granular insights into device details, coupled with expert guidance, resulting in informed decisions that enhance overall cybersecurity posture.

Network Risk Insight

Uncover potential vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure, with a specialized focus on identifying at-risk and exposed ePHI, empowering teams to prioritize and address critical security concerns.

Digitized MDS2

Navigate the intricate landscape of medical device security effortlessly with digitized MDS2, offering a simplified yet comprehensive understanding of the security implications associated with medical devices.

Device Location Identification

Enhance operational efficiency by accurately identifying the location of devices, facilitating prompt responses and ensuring optimal utilization of resources within the healthcare environment.

Device Utilization + Optimization

Drive cost-effectiveness and resource optimization through insights into device utilization patterns, allowing informed decisions that align with operational goals.

Customized Reporting + Dashboards

Tailor your cybersecurity insights with customizable reporting and dashboards, empowering a focus on key metrics and trends relevant to your organization's unique security landscape.

Automated, On-Demand Compliance Reporting

Simplify the compliance journey with automated, on-demand reporting, ensuring real-time visibility into your organization's adherence to regulatory requirements.

Additional Cynerio Benefits

Integrate with In-Place Legacy Systems

Seamlessly merge cutting-edge security solutions with your existing legacy systems, offering a streamlined integration process that preserves investments made in current infrastructure.

Accelerate Protections with Generative AI

Cynerio harnesses the power of Generative AI to accelerate the development of security protections and dynamically adapt to emerging threats.

Achievable Defense in Depth

Advance your cyber defense strategy incorporating patching, microsegmentation, day-one protections, and clear guidance to improve adoption of protections without compromising operational efficiency.

Auto-Generated and Tested Microsegmentation Policies

Streamline security protocols by leveraging auto-generated and rigorously tested microsegmentation policies, ensuring a dynamic defense mechanism that adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape.

CMMS Reconciliation

Cynerio Seamlessly integrates with existing systems, informing efficient Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) reconciliation.

Role-Based Insight + Guidance

Tailor security insights and guidance based on specific roles and responsibilities within your organization.

One Platform to Replace Disparate In-Place Tools

Consolidate your cybersecurity arsenal into a unified platform, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple tools and offering a holistic view that enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Single Pane of Glass Visibility

Achieve unparalleled visibility by consolidating information from your entire healthcare ecosystem into a single pane of glass of the organization's security landscape.

Fast, Flexible Deployment

Expedite the deployment of security measures with a fast and flexible approach, ensuring protection against swiftly changing threats and the agility required in today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Automate Asset Discovery

Medical Device Security acts as your tireless scout, automatically discovering every connected device in your hospital, from the familiar (infusion pumps) to the unexpected (gaming systems). Gone are the days of manual hunts – passive analysis continuously captures insight from your network, revealing all connected devices.

Say goodbye to generic reports – customized dashboards tailor insights to your specific needs, highlighting critical vulnerabilities and device types. Integration with your existing systems is seamless, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Automate Asset Discovery
Improve Risk Insight

Improve Risk Insight

Cynerio transforms your understanding of medical devices with a powerful combination of tools. Threat intelligence keeps you ahead of the curve, alerting you to the latest vulnerabilities specific to your devices. Prioritized risk scoring pinpoints the most critical issues first, guiding your remediation efforts while digitized MDS2s bring clarity and efficiency to medical device security management.

Fully tested microsegmentation policies accelerate the creation of secure zones for different device types, further strengthening your defenses. At the device live, actionable patch insight empowers you to identify and address outdated firmware, ensuring all your devices are up-to-date and secure. With Cynerio, medical device insight isn't just a glimpse, it's a full-fledged exploration, empowering you to confidently navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Advanced Reporting

On-demand compliance reports automatically generate summaries tailored to specific regulations, saving you weeks of manual effort. Forget siloed information - bi-directional integrations seamlessly connect Cynerio data with your existing systems, providing a holistic view of security posture.

Customizable dashboards empower you to personalize the data you see, focusing on what matters most to your team. From device vulnerabilities to patch compliance, drill down into the details or get a high-level overview – the choice is yours. With Cynerio, reporting becomes insightful, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs. So, say goodbye to compliance chaos and hello to clear, actionable data that drives informed decision-making.

Advanced Reporting

8 Key Areas for Enhancing Protections

Day 1 security protections


Data Breaches


Achievable Microsegmentation

Auto-Generated Policy Creation

Fully Tested Policies

Low Effort Deployment

Connected Device Inventory + Visibility


IT/IS Systems

Unmanaged Technology

Connected Device Inventory + Visibility


IT/IS Systems

Unmanaged Technology

HTM + BioMed Insight

Device Location + Utilization

Lifecycle Management + Device Elimination

Increased Revenue / Savings Opportunities

Dedicated Healthcare Focus

Cynerio Live Research Team

Integration with In-Place Systems

Single Pane of Glass

Broad Technology Coverage

Connected Device Risk Management


Patch Guidance

Digitized MDS2

Identification and Mitigation of exposed Patient Data

Joint Commission / HICP


Customized, On-Demand Reporting

Cynerio: Secure Your Connected Care Journey

In today's healthcare landscape, connected devices offer countless benefits, but also introduce new cybersecurity challenges. Cynerio's Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform steps up as your comprehensive guardian, securing your network and devices from Day 1.

From Instant Threat Detection and Response to long-term support for microsegmentation projects and improving HTM efficiency, Cynerio offers the healthcare industry’s only platform for enhancing cyber protections.

See Cynerio in Action

Improve day 1 protections, automate device analysis, and improve patient data protection with the Cynerio Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform.