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Managed Healthcare IoT Security Services

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Cynerio offers a flexible and comprehensive set of options for Managed Security Services Providers to help hospitals extend lean security teams and mitigate the vulnerabilities that medical and other IoT devices increasingly introduce into healthcare networks.

Our Managed Healthcare IoT Security Services program empowers MSSPs to deliver real-time device risk and threat detection and remediation, ultimately providing hospitals an effective way to secure IoT infrastructure without heavy resource investment and in a way that complements their existing IT security solutions.

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The Benefits of Cynerio Managed Healthcare IoT Security Services

  • Real-time identification and inventory of IoT and medical device assets.

  • Automated detection of device vulnerabilities that potentially impact patient safety, data, or care.

  • Comprehensive risk and threat mitigation, including the latest patches, micro-segmentation, ransomware remediation, and more.

  • Easy deployment and a wide range of integrations across the security, biomed and MSSP stack.

  • Flexible security capabilities and pricing options tailored to MSSP needs.

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