Patient Data Security
Patient Data Security

Safeguarding Healthcare Information

Data breaches continue to expose data, with over 118 million patients impacted in the United States in 2023. Cynerio’s Patient Data Security was designed to enhance the security of ePHI across a variety  of healthcare landscapes.

Core Areas of Protection

Identify Systems Exposing Patient Data including:



Insecure APIs and Interfaces

Investigate Areas of Improper Authentication

Determine Volume of ePHI Transmission

Monitor typical flow of data

Identify abnormalities

Stop data breaches before the occur

Securely Evaluate content and type of exposed ePHI

Actionable Security Insight

System IPs

Gain visibility into the IPs associated with healthcare systems to track potential points of exposure.

Client Interfaces

Identifies interfaces with external clients that expose patient data.

User Analysis

Offers insights into user activities, ensuring that only authorized personnel access patient data.

Risks and Severity

Evaluate and communicate potential risks and severity levels to enable informed decision-making.

Remediation Guidance

Provide clear guidance on addressing identified vulnerabilities, ensuring swift and effective remediation.

VLANs Insight

Enhance network segmentation to prevent lateral movement of threats.

Patch Guidance

Advise on necessary patches to close security gaps and ensure system integrity.

Protocol Updates

Recommend updates to security protocols for continuous improvement.

Securing Patient Data

Data breaches continue to be among the most damaging attacks on hospitals, resulting in exposed data, regulatory inquiries, notable fines and a loss of patient confidence. To combat these risks, hospitals must improve the knowledge, insight and security of the systems that are putting ePHI at risk.

Cynerio’s Patient Data Security is focused on delivering secure, low-effort, highly accurate analysis of healthcare environments to identify systems putting ePHI at risk. With real-time discovery and on-demand reporting hospitals are able to better protect patients while avoiding costly data breaches.

Securing Patient Data
Patient Data Security dashboard provides a snapshot of systems exposing patient data, risk levels, ePHI volume and interfaces.
Detailed Insight and Effective Protections
System insight provides details related to exposed ePHI, risk levels, exposed APIs and remediation guidance.

Detailed Insight and Effective Protections

Using Passive Analysis and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Cynerio is able to securely discover exposed patient data before attackers do. Real-time analysis will identify system names, communication protocols, volume of ePHI data and risk of that data being stolen.

Powered by a combination of Cynerio’s core technology, Generative AI and the CynerioLive research team, Patient Data Security is trusted by hospitals worldwide to ensure the privacy of their patients.

Elevate Your Healthcare Cybersecurity with Cynerio

Cynerio's Patient Data Security empowers healthcare organizations to safeguard patient information with advanced and user-friendly solutions. Our comprehensive approach, tailored to the needs of healthcare environments, ensures that critical aspects of ePHI protection are easily understood and implemented across the healthcare ecosystem.

Secure patient data, build trust, and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with Cynerio's Patient Data Security.

Improve Patient Data Protections Today

Secure patient data, build trust, and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with Cynerio's Patient Data Security.