Cisco and Cynerio partner to improve medical device security

Cynerio Research
Sep 19, 2018

Healthcare organizations face new cybersecurity challenges as the rising number of cyber-attacks impact services and put patient safety at risk. Connected medical and IoT devices that were not designed with security in mind, serve as easy gateways for malware and cyber-attackers to infiltrate hospital systems. The integration of Cynerio’s healthcare-driven behavior analysis platform with the Cisco Identity Services Engine makes it easier to accurately pinpoint the weak spots in the medical device network ecosystem and to provide protection without interfering with clinical workflows.

Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a next-generation network access system that simplifies identity management across diverse networks. Cisco ISE provides rich user and device details making it possible to create and enforce network access policies for the endpoints and reduce the cyber-risk.

Cynerio is a leading provider of medical device and IoT security solutions. Built on healthcare-driven behavior analysis, Cynerio’s technology provides enhanced visibility into the clinical entities and associated risk of connected device network behavior. By communicating through Cisco’s Platform Exchange Grid, pxGrid, Cynerio has developed interoperability with the Cisco Identity Services Engine, making it easier and safer for ISE users to enforce secure access policies for their medical devices.

Cisco – Cynerio Integrated Solution

Each connected medical device plays a specific role in the clinical network ecosystem. Understanding the functionality and behavior of the device is necessary for effectively assessing and addressing the cyber risks. Cynerio’s healthcare-driven behavior analysis platform enriches Cisco ISE with intelligence about each connected device. Combining Cisco ISE with Cynerio provides healthcare CISOs with a clear understanding of the risk type and priority for each connected device. The integrated solution enables security teams to enforce access policies that ensure normal clinical communication flows while blocking potentially malicious communications.

With the Cisco-Cynerio integrated solution, users gain the following benefits for their medical device ecosystem security:

  • Continuous discovery and classification of connected medical and IoT devices
  • Visibility into the associated risk for each connected device with clinical context
  • Protection against cyber-attacks without interfering with clinical workflows

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