Cynerio Has Earned High Marks in KLAS 2024 Healthcare IoT Security Ratings

This marks the second consecutive year that Cynerio has secured a top spot in the industry!
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Feb 9, 2024
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[New York – February 9, 2024] – Cynerio, a leading healthcare cybersecurity platform, has once again achieved exceptional recognition in the 2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report, receiving straight As across key metrics. This marks the second consecutive year that Cynerio has secured a top spot in the industry, showcasing its commitment to excellence in product quality, value, and customer relationships.

The KLAS ratings, widely regarded as the gold standard in healthcare technology assessments, highlighted Cynerio's outstanding performance in meeting the security needs of healthcare organizations globally. Cynerio's dedication to serving its diverse customer base was underscored in this year's evaluation.

Leon Lerman, CEO of Cynerio, expressed his pride in the company's achievement, stating, "We're proud to have received such high ratings from our customer base. These great reviews combined with consistently positive feedback from our global community demonstrate our commitment to protecting the worldwide healthcare sector from common attacks like ransomware and data breaches."

A commitment to providing effective, achievable protections for the healthcare industry was clear throughout Cynerio’s customer comments:

“We did a face-off and selected Cynerio as being the best option. Cynerio IoMT Solutions is terrifically intuitive. We had nothing that satisfied this function, and now we have something that satisfies it quite well. We have had some alerts occur, so Cynerio’s attack detection and response component is activating. Also, I have received a lot of support from the customer advocate with training.” —Director, December 2023

“Cynerio is a newer company, so they have a lot more flexibility and enthusiasm to communicate what they are doing and how they are expanding. They are in a cutting-edge component of our industry and are using a combination of AI, machine learning, and quantum computing behind the scenes to advance their platform. With the governance, security, and operational readiness pushes, the vendor is in a niche market when it comes to IoT governance. The vendor has to be flexible with changes to that landscape from a risk management perspective. They do a good job pushing their platform and communicating through their account representatives and our regularly scheduled meetings.” —CISO, December 2023

Cynerio's success in the KLAS report despite limited US data reflects its ongoing efforts to innovate and deliver robust cybersecurity solutions tailored specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers. With a focus on empowering healthcare organizations to safeguard their IoT ecosystems effectively, Cynerio remains dedicated to advancing the security posture of the healthcare industry worldwide.

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