Cynerio Harnesses the Power of Generative AI to Revolutionize Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Jun 27, 2023
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New York, NY [Tuesday, June 27] — Cynerio, a leading provider of healthcare cybersecurity solutions and pioneer in the use of generative AI in the healthcare cybersecurity space, is pleased to announce the further integration of generative AI into its existing offerings.

"It is clear that the healthcare industry will continue to face increasing cyber attacks,” said Leon Lerman, CEO and Co-Founder of Cynerio. “With 89% of hospitals experiencing cyber attacks annually, we must create enhanced approaches to improving the protections for patients, their data and the facilities that treat them."

Expanding the use of generative AI across the Cynerio 360 platform is expected to increase the depth and breadth of protections in several key areas:

Customer-Facing Features

With generative AI, Cynerio delivers enhanced search capabilities to its customers, allowing them to seamlessly navigate through the product dashboard. Instead of browsing through extensive data, customers can now easily search for specific information, focus on actionable insights, and analyze data based on custom inquiries, significantly improving operational efficiency and threat response times.

Enhanced Product Capabilities

Adoption of generative AI is expected to expand capabilities in three core areas. First, optimized device classifications will ensure quicker identification of devices and related risks. Second, auto-generation of security rules will result in faster vulnerability mitigations and increased protections. Finally, improved anomaly detection will optimize the ability to identify and address unexpected malicious behavior.

Increased CynerioLive Insight

The CynerioLive research team continues to lead the industry in detection and response of healthcare focused cyber attacks. Expanding the adoption of generative AI technologies will supercharge their capabilities in several ways:

  • Data Analysis: Sophisticated algorithms will further analyze vast amounts of data produced in healthcare environments.
  • Threat Detection: Anomalous data will be detected and subjected to deeper threat analysis. This in turn will reduce false positives and identify attacks missed by traditional systems.
  • Attack Response: Through a combination of auto-generated mitigation activities and CynerioLive expertise, customers will receive enhanced attack guidance and prevention.

Looking ahead, Cynerio is excited to leverage generative AI to further advance its innovative Attack Detection and Response (ADR) product. Increased rule generation accuracy, incident response simulations and enhanced overall efficacy of healthcare-specific threat detection and response are among the expected benefits.

"Our healthcare-specific cybersecurity solutions combined with the transformative power of generative AI will empower our customers with cutting-edge protections," added Daniel Brodie, CTO and Co-Founder of Cynerio. “The Cynerio team continues to differentiate itself from competitors and further stand out as an innovative, progressive and a truly end-to-end cybersecurity solution that an increasing number of health systems are adopting.”

About Cynerio

Cynerio has one simple goal - to secure every IoT, IoMT, OT and IT device in healthcare environments. Our dedicated focus on the healthcare industry has led to the creation of technologies that help in preventing and responding to attacks. Learn more about Cynerio at or follow us on Twitter @cynerio and LinkedIn.


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