Cynerio Strengthens Its Partner Ecosystem in North America to Combat Rising Healthcare Cyber Threats

Vicki Michaeli
Dec 5, 2023
Press Releases

New York, December 5th, 2023, - Cynerio, a leading provider of 2nd Generation cybersecurity solutions for healthcare IoT, proudly announces the significant expansion of its partner ecosystem throughout North America.  With the addition of multiple strategic partners, Cynerio is reinforcing its commitment to fortifying the healthcare industry against the escalating wave of cyberattacks and ransomware incidents that threaten hospitals and patient care globally.

As healthcare organizations strive to transition from device visibility to actionable protections, they encounter challenges ranging from inaccurate device details to ineffective creation of untested network policy rules. While first-generation solutions struggle to offer the necessary protections, Cynerio’s 2nd generation approach stands out as the leading healthcare IoT security solution by not just analyzing risks, but actively providing real-time and actionable tools to swiftly reduce and respond to cyber threats, making us the trusted choice in safeguarding healthcare systems.

Partner Program Highlights: Tailored Benefits for Every Partner Category

  1. Reseller Program Benefits: Partners in this category gain exclusive access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions tailored to address the intricate challenges of healthcare IoT environments. The program provides:
  • Protected Margins & Deal registration
  • Joint marketing activities
  • Sales & Technical certifications
  • Option to deliver Cynerio services & support

For more information, visit Cynerio's

  1. MSSP Program Benefits: Cynerio's MSSP partners are armed with cutting-edge technology and tools to deliver superior security services to their healthcare clients. The program offers:
  • Real-time identification and inventory of IoT and medical device assets
  • Automated detection of device vulnerabilities that potentially impact patient safety, data, or care
  • Comprehensive risk and threat mitigation, including the latest patches, micro-segmentation, ransomware remediation, and more
  • Easy deployment and a wide range of integrations across the security, biomed, and MSSP stack
  • Multi-tenant management 

For more information, visit Cynerio's MSSP Program page

  1. Technology & Alliance Partner Program Benefits: Technology and Alliance partners collaborate with Cynerio to advance the landscape of healthcare IoT security. The program offers:
  • Introductions into existing accounts
  • Joint marketing campaigns, events, and webinars
  • Co-branded marketing & sales tools
  • Collaborative prospecting
  • Co-selling in opportunities
  • Building product integrations where appropriate, providing a seamless solution for customers

For more information, visit Cynerio's

Why Partners Are Choosing Cynerio:

Bob Frieberger, VP of Sales, Americas at Cynerio: "The healthcare IoT industry faces escalating cyber threats, requiring more robust security solutions. Cynerio's 2nd Generation offering provides superior protection, recognized by partners and customers alike as paramount in these challenging times."

Amanda Gunning, VP Healthcare, iT1: "Our commitment to our customers is to bring forth solutions that impact the patient & provider experience in a meaningful way. Cynerio is not only a top tier IoT solution, but they are dedicated to the complex initiatives of Healthcare specifically. Cynerio gets Healthcare and provides best in class solutions to protect Hospitals & patients from security risks. We are stewards of Healthcare & we are proud to be a part of a solution that addresses one of the most significant challenges in HC today.

For more information about Cynerio's Partner Programs and how to become a Cynerio partner, please visit Cynerio's Partner Program page. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare IoT security.

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