Cynerio to Launch No-Cost Active Attack Detection for Healthcare at ViVE, HIMSS 2022

New cybersecurity solution empowers hospitals with increased IoT threat visibility in just one week
Willa Hahn
Mar 7, 2022
Press Releases

New York, NY — March 7, 2022 Cynerio, a leading provider of healthcare IoT cybersecurity, today announced the company will debut Active Attack Detection at ViVE and HIMSS 2022, a new solution to empower hospitals and healthcare facilities to identify ongoing IoT attacks. In just one week, Cynerio's Active Attack Detection technology identifies attacks not found by legacy systems due to increasingly targeted IoT devices – at no cost to hospitals. The new solution comes on the heels of a Cynerio report revealing widespread security issues with connected medical devices, with 53% of IoT devices in hospitals containing critical vulnerabilities.

“With ransomware attacks now posing life-threatening consequences – and a growing list of other threats facing hospitals – cybersecurity providers need to do our part to equip hospitals to detect and mitigate threats,” said Leon Lerman, CEO, Cynerio. “With Active Attack Detection, Cynerio is stepping up to deliver a solution at no cost to provide hospitals with increased visibility and attack detection capabilities, and we hope our peers will follow suit.”

Additional benefits of the new Active Attack Detection solution include:

  • Instant insight to the hospital environment's healthcare IoT attacks and risks
  • Expedited and optimized Cynerio deployment, network traffic analysis, and reporting
  • Swift detection of ransomware and malware attacks missed by in-place systems in over 80% of Cynerio deployments
  • Full Cynerio support from installation to final reporting
  • Healthcare IoT threat intelligence delivered within hours
  • Ability to smoothly transition to ongoing healthcare IoT attack identification and mitigation

With Cynerio’s 2022 State of Healthcare IoT Device Security Report finding widespread security threats related to IoT and connected medical devices, and healthcare becoming a prime target for cybercriminals during the pandemic, more solutions are needed to help hospitals quickly and affordably identify and mitigate threats. Following its recognition by the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, Cynerio is excited to introduce another innovative solution to help hospitals understand the threats and attacks that increasingly target IoT devices.

To learn more about Cynerio’s Active Attack Detection solution, visit Cynerio’s site. You can also catch Cynerio at ViVE booth #726 or Viosk #1012-40 in the Cybersecurity Pavilion, where CEO Leon Lerman will be speaking about Healthcare Ransomware: 5 Additional Steps to Adopt Today on Monday, March 7, or at HIMSS booth #5342 or booth #306 in the Cybersecurity Command Center.

About Cynerio

Cynerio is the one-stop-shop Healthcare IoT security platform. With solutions that cater to healthcare’s every IoT need – from Enterprise IoT to OT and IoMT – we promote cross- organizational alignment and provide hospitals the control, foresight, and adaptability they require to stay cyber-secure in a constantly evolving threatscape. We empower healthcare organizations to stay compliant and proactively manage every connection on their own terms with real-time IoT attack detection & response and rapid risk reduction tools, so that they can focus on a hospital's top priority: delivering quality patient care. For more information visit, or follow Cynerio on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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