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We’re a medical device security leader and our mission is simple: protect medical devices from cyber attacks to ensure patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability. We view medical device cybersecurity and asset management as a standard part of patient care and focus on ensuring the safety of every device with proactive and preemptive attack prevention tools.

Mapping and inventorying thousands (and often tens of thousands) of connected assets manually is impossible. Cynerio integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to automate continuous end-to-end and clinically-enriched asset discovery for every connected medical and IoT device. Healthcare organizations leverage our platform to optimize asset management and capacity planning, security and preventative maintenance, and expedite asset relocation in emergency scenarios.

Cynerio tracks every device in real time and profiles them to give you granular information on manufacturer, make, and model, OS/firmware, serial number, MAC address, FDA class and recalls, static vs. dynamic IP addresses, open services and ports, known vulnerabilities, and more.

Scalable medical device asset management and cybersecurity for every healthcare organization.

Protect your medical devices, ePHI, and patient safety with:

  • Total asset visibility across multiple sites
  • Continuous identification of ePHI-holding devices
  • A searchable digitized MDS2 library
  • Clinically aware end-to-end, real-time asset discovery and profiling
  • Safe and easy patch management for medical devices running legacy OS/firmware
  • Seamless integration with your existing RTLS, WNC, and asset management & ticketing solutions, enriched with clinical context
  • Full compliance with HIPAA and JCAHO regulatory requirements