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We’re a medical device security leader and our mission is simple: protect medical and IoT devices from cyber attacks like ransomware to ensure patient safety, data confidentiality, and service availability. We view healthcare cybersecurity as a standard part of patient care and focus on ensuring the safety of every medical and IoT device with proactive and preemptive attack prevention tools that get healthcare organizations secure fast.

We provide full-suite healthcare IoT security with continuous end-to-end and continuous asset discovery with full visibility into every connected device across the clinical ecosystem. Our clinically-intelligent Impact Modeling™ identifies threats and vulnerabilities, detects anomalies, calculates risk scores, and prioritizes risk action plans based on each device’s clinical impact and criticality.

Risk Mitigation Modeling™ and myriad security tools auto-generate operationally-safe segmentation and healthcare cybersecurity policies and actively monitor violations based on the NIST Zero Trust framework. Our system gives your teams total control over policy enforcement with robust validation capabilities and end-to-end risk mitigation plans tailored to your unique network architecture that helps reduce organizational risk and boost security posture.

We’re here to help protect your bottom line with scalable Healthcare IoT security

  • Secure mission-critical assets to decrease organizational risk and safeguard your reputation
  • Ensure compliance and governance with continuous monitoring and auto-generated reports
  • Lower financial risk and loss with robust threat protection and risk mitigation
  • Assist with emergency preparedness and achieve more with fewer resources
  • Cut costs with seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, enriched with clinical context
  • Gain actionable insights into risk treatment with end-to-end asset discovery and profiling, risk mitigation plans, and real-time anomaly detection