The Technology and Team to Secure Small Hospital Environments

Small hospitals are among the most targeted in cybersecurity attacks. With overwhelmed caregivers, thinly stretched technical expertise and the rapidly growing threat of ransomware, many facilities are actively searching for high-impact ways to reduce cybersecurity risk. Cynerio Now! provides the team and technology needed to address IoT-related risks in efficient and effective ways tailored to the needs of small organizations.

Why "Cynerio Now!"?

  • Minimize the risk of ransomware, data breaches and patient safety
  • Eliminate critical risks in less than 30 days
  • Alleviate the burden on IT teams
  • Implement actionable and automated mitigation and remediation steps
  • Cover all threat vectors and connected devices: medical, IoT and OT
  • Access easily customizable reporting dashboards for audits and compliance

Customized Device Security

Cynerio technology is designed to identify and quickly reduce risk throughout hospital networks regardless of size. Our industry-leading approach provides rapid technical deployment combined with human expertise to begin addressing risk within days. Cynerio Now! can be deployed in two ways to meet the unique demands of small hospitals:

  • Cynerio Now! - Deploying Cynerio Now! is fully achievable by hospitals with skilled technical teams. A standard Cynerio Now! subscription will provide full access to our product, a training workshop for your team, and 10 days of kickstart professional services to ensure a successful deployment.
  • Cynerio Now! with TAM Support - Many organizations don’t have the technical expertise needed to ensure training, integration and coordination for a successful deployment. Cynerio Now! with TAM Support provides the technical strength of Cynerio with an experienced Technical Account Manager (TAM) to ensure successful deployment and long term risk reduction.

Customized Device Security

Reducing risk in hospitals is Cynerio’s top goal. All Cynerio Now! deployments come with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the deployment and risk reduction after 60 days Cynerio will refund your payment and thank you for your business.

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