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Segmentation for Hospital Networks

Everything You Need to Know About Clinical Network Segmentation

Protecting medical devices from cyber attacks is difficult because of connections devices rely on to function normally, because many devices run old and unsupported operating systems that can't be patched, and because standard security tools and procedures don't understand the impact devices have on patient care and outcomes. Setting up firewalls or blocking communications between devices crucial to medical services puts patients in danger and can jeopardize entire clinical networks. Network segmentation is often the only way to secure your network, and testing policies is the only way to be 100% confident segmentation policies won't disrupt clinical services.

Cynerio is the only provider in the medical IoT cybersecurity space to offer clients the Virtual Segmentation capability. This capability ensures service continuity and patient safety with robust and customized segmentation policies that can be tested and edited before they're enforced on the live network.

Healthcare IoT devices are difficult to protect. They rely on unusual connections and often run unsupported OS that can't be patched. Standard security tools aren’t healthcare safe and can jeopardize patients and break the network.

Cynerio's Virtual Segmentation capability provides hospitals with healthcare-safe segmentation and security policies. With the ability to define, test, validate, and edit all policies before they’re enforced, hospitals can be 100% confident in network security, patient safety, and service continuity.

White Paper

Network Segmentation for Hospitals: Challenges and Technology Solutions

Get a comprehensive introduction to network segmentation and why achieving it is so challenging for hospitals. Tackle the challenges and learn how to protect your patients and clinical ecosystem with Cynerio's 3-phase solution for mitigating security risks in the healthcare space.

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Use Case: Enabling North-South Segmentation In Healthcare IoT

Securing Clinical Ecosystems from External Cyber Threats

Learn how to secure connected medical and IoT devices on your clinical network from external threats by constructing a north-south, perimeter firewall policy that secures your network and ensures continuous medical services.

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Use Case: Enabling Expedited Healthcare IoT Projects With A Virtual Segmentation Capability

Enforcing Segmentation Policies on Clinical Networks with Confidence

Learn how you can expedite healthcare IoT security and segmentation projects with a Virtual Segmentation capability that automatically defines custom policies, allows you to test and monitor for violations, and lets you edit policies before pushing them to live clinical network environments.

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Use Case: Enabling Microsegmentation For Devices Running An Unsupported Windows OS

Securing Clinical Ecosystems Against Unpatchable Connected Devices

Discover how to secure unpatchable medical IoT devices running unsupported operating systems like Windows 7 with safe microsegmentation policies that reduce your attack surface without disrupting clinical services.

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Your Handy Switchlist

Virtual Segmentation for Clinical Networks

Follow these 6 simple steps to safely and easily segment your clinical network, secure your connected medical and IoT devices, and protect your patients.

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