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Technical Account Manager (TAM) for Healthcare IoT

Adopting new cybersecurity practices can be a daunting task, particularly when new technologies and patient care are involved. Hospitals already strained by the pandemic and with limited IT staff and budgets still need to effectively address always-evolving security concerns to ensure focus on their primary mission - caring for patients.

With the skills gap affecting hospital IT and security departments, it can be difficult to find, train and retain the right staff to protect the connected devices that help keep patients healthy. Cynerio Technical Account Managers (TAMs) can help fill the gap.

How Cynerio TAM for Healthcare IoT Works

To help effectively address IoT security challenges in hospital environments, Cynerio now provides its leading healthcare IoT security platform with long-term Technical Account Managers (TAMs) that handle deployment and optimization of the solution with minimal resources required. TAMs work with your IT, Security, Network, BioMed and other team members to integrate Cynerio with existing technology stacks while also providing the valuable guidance needed when addressing risks and attacks on Medical IoT devices.

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TAM Benefits

Fully handles Cynerio deployment and administration for a fraction of what an additional team member would cost

Development of IoT cybersecurity program governance, structure, oversight and best practices

Critical IoT risk reduction, network segmentation and attack detection and remediation with regular reporting and strategic planning

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