Securing What Others Only See

Securing connected devices is critical in safeguarding patients, facilities and finances against cyber attacks. Cynerio’s industry leading technologies move far beyond device discovery with day one attack detection, risk remediation prioritization and long term security protections.

Key Benefits

100% Healthcare Icon
100% Healthcare
Dedicated focus provides features, functionality and expertise tailored to the unique cybersecurity needs of healthcare environments
Security Focused
Security Focused
From day one Cynerio team has kept security at the core of our technology. The result? Device discovery that extends seamlessly to prioritized risk remediation.
Full Visibility and Inventory Icon
Full Visibility and Inventory
Automated discovery of all connected devices on your network regardless of operating system, location or manufacturer.
Less Noise
Less Noise
Spend your time addressing issues, not trying to find them. The Cynerio Live research team removes false positives so our customers don’t have to.
Stop Ransomware
Stop Ransomware
Ranging from ransomware to data breaches, hospitals are the top victims of cyber attacks. Cynerio continuously detects and responds to those attacks - often in under 2 hours!
Compliance Reporting Icon
Compliance Reporting
From JCAHO to DSPT, compliance requirements vary across the world. Cynerio provides the insight, dashboards and automated reporting that ease requirements related to IoT and IoMT devices.

A Generation Ahead of Competitors

Cynerio was founded with one simple goal - to secure every IoT, IoMT and OT device in healthcare environments. The result? A suite of functionality that protects patients, facilities and finances rather than just finding devices and flagging risks.

Attack Detection and Response

From ransomware to RATs, stop common attacks missed by traditional IT and inventory systems

Comprehensive Asset Inventory Screen

Comprehensive Asset Inventory

Automatically identify and document over 150 data points for all IoT, IoMT, OT and Unmanaged IT devices

Device Location, Utilization and Risk Insight

Track device locations and usage patterns to inform maintenance, replacement and purchasing activities

Device Location, Utilization and Risk Insight Screen
Prioritized Guidance and Customizable Reporting Screen

Prioritized Guidance and Customizable Reporting

Don’t just see devices and their risks - fix them! Prioritized guidance using CVSS and EPSS optimize device security activities.

Microsegmentation Policy Creation

Ready to implement deeper protections? Generation and testing of microsegmentation policies help expedite your Zero Trust efforts.

Microsegmentation Policy Creation Screen
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Pioneers in Healthcare Cybersecurity Research

The CynerioLive research team consists of security researchers entirely dedicated to identifying vulnerabilities, eliminating false positives and ultimately providing direct security recommendations for customers. Learn more about CynerioLive disclosures, research and findings below.

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Why Customers Choose Cynerio

"We knew that in order to secure the devices, we needed to segment the network. And to effectively segment the network, we had to be able to see what was happening.”
Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

Security and Systems Engineer,
MarinHealth Medical Center

“Cynerio quickly became a lot more than we bought it for, which was BioMed. As the collector began to identify devices we realized how broad our device scope was. After running Cynerio for 2 months we were able to generate a board level report which is now reviewed monthly to discuss everything from cybersecurity practices to vendor management.”
Derek Sailors

Derek Sailors

Director of Information Systems/Information
Security Officer

"Introducing an AI-based solution to address cybersecurity challenges was a first for Jackson. Cynerio helped protect Jackson’s medical equipment against cybersecurity threats, including IoMT equipment."
Charles Berberette Image

Charles Berberette

Senior System Director, Clinical Engineering,
Jackson Health Systems

“The Cynerio solution takes vast quantities of our data and distills it into prioritized multi-departmental actions that are manageable for our teams. We aren’t presented with a dashboard of equally weighted overwhelming emergencies; instead, our vulnerabilities are curated and prioritized so we know exactly where to start.”
Steve Mattern

Steven Mattern

Associate Director of IMT.
North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

“Cynerio 360 has made the DSPT assessment infinitely easier on my team. More importantly,  Bedfordshire Hospitals will see greatly reduced risk from our medical devices once the risk reduction activities have been applied.”

Hubert Ametefe

Head of Cyber Security,
Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Secure Your Healthcare IoT from Day One

Real-time Medical Device Visibility and Security in Action

Wednesday, January 25th | 2:00 PM ET

Certification: Eligable for 1 Credit from the ACI