Cynerio Discovers and Helps Remediate JekyllBot:5 Smart Robot Risks 

JekyllBot:5 is a set of 5 critical zero-day vulnerabilities found by Cynerio researchers that enabled remote control of Aethon TUG smart autonomous mobile robots and their online console. The exploits let attackers crash robots, manipulate patient medication transport, shut down OR door locks, and launch many more threats to patient care, safety, and data.

Learn more at the Cynerio JekyllBot:5 Command Center 

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The analysts at KLAS Research shine a spotlight on the solution providers that go the extra mile to help healthcare delivery organizations deliver the best possible patient care. Hear directly from Cynerio customers anonymously interviewed by KLAS about how they are leveraging our healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform to keep their hospitals safe.

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Healthcare IoT Attack Detection and Response

Immediately contain ransomware, data breaches and other IoMT cyber threats without interruption to patient care or services, from day one of implementation.

Get alerts about live attacks on medical and other IoT devices


Immediately contain and quarantine the attack without disrupting device functionality or patient care

Collect comprehensive attack forensics on the affected IoT devices to aid with investigations


Effectively respond to attacks by integrating Cynerio IoT attack visibility with IT security enforcement

Compile detailed attack reporting and carry out proactive risk reduction to prevent future attacks

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Rapidly Reduce the Risk of Healthcare IoT

Cynerio proactively identifies and addresses 100% of the most critical risks on your connected medical and other IoT devices in under a month, so they can’t be exploited by attackers as threats evolve.

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Keep IoT Security Overhead Low with a Cynerio Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Accelerate IoT security deployment and adoption through Cynerio’s hands-on leadership. Our highly-skilled TAMs allow hospitals to benefit from Cynerio’s deep healthcare IoT experience without the need to hire additional staff or further strain resources.

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Healthcare IoT Security for Small and Rural Hospitals

Cynerio Now! is designed to help smaller hospitals already stretched by the pandemic and escalating ransomware attacks protect the devices their patients depend on.

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