Protecting ePHI in a Globalized Healthcare Landscape

Chad Holmes, Security Evangelist
Apr 9, 2024

ePHI, or electronic protected health information, refers to any digital data that relates to an individual's health status, medical history, or treatment provided by a healthcare provider. This sensitive information can encompass a wide range of details, including names, diagnoses, medications, lab results, insurance information, and even genetic data.

The vast amount of personal and valuable details contained within ePHI makes it a prime target for hackers. Unlike credit card information, which can be canceled and reissued, medical records are permanent and hold a wealth of exploitable information. A single breached record can fetch hackers anywhere from $50 to $100 on the black market, creating a thriving underground economy fueled by stolen healthcare data. With hundreds of millions of records exposed globally each year, the incentive for cybercriminals to target ePHI remains alarmingly high.

Securing ePHI in today's interconnected healthcare environment requires a multi-pronged approach. Healthcare organizations must prioritize proactive measures to identify and protect vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. This includes implementing robust data encryption techniques, enforcing strong password policies, and regularly monitoring systems for suspicious activity. 

Cynerio’s Patient Data Security offering assists healthcare providers in discovering and securing ePHI across their entire IT infrastructure. By proactively identifying weaknesses and implementing these safeguards, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce the risk of ePHI breaches and protect patient privacy.

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