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The State of NHS Trust IoT Device Security 2023

This report is the first of its kind for the U.K. market and it examines devices, risks, and preventive measures currently being taken in 14 NHS Trusts, from department-level device distribution to identifying devices with the most critical risks. We hope this report will provide an accurate insight into the risks NHS Trusts face and how these can be overcome.

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Instant Insight into Your Organisation’s NHS Data Security Protection (DSP) Toolkit Posture

Get compliance insight into over 30 evidence items with our dedicated DSP dashboard. A single pane-of-glass providing current status, analysis and actionable remediation steps. Remove the guesswork from IoT and medical device compliance with clinically intelligent AI that monitors your status 24/7. Remediate noncompliance quickly and easily with our automated Rapid Risk Reduction (RRR) Toolkit and verify your compliance to auditors.

Comply with IoMT Criteria for the NHS DSPT

Real-Time Integration with NHS Cyber Alerts

Get visibility into devices, vulnerabilities and their impact on your organisational security posture with our NHS Cyber Alert dashboard. The Cynerio platform prioritises Cyber Alerts based on criticality, device type, and clinical and operational impact, helping busy IT teams to focus on what matters most to safeguard patient health.

Comply with IoMT Criteria for the NHS DSPT

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The analysts at KLAS Research shine a spotlight on the solution providers that go the extra mile to help healthcare delivery organisations deliver the best possible patient care. Hear directly from Cynerio customers anonymously interviewed by KLAS about how they are leveraging our healthcare IoT cybersecurity platform to keep their hospitals safe.

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Don’t Just Identify Healthcare IoT Devices – Protect Them

Medical Device Safety is Patient Safety

Hundreds of hospitals, from the world’s largest healthcare networks to the smallest local hospitals, trust Cynerio to:

Get the visibility to take inventory and measure the risk of every device – even unmanaged IT

Immediately detect and stop live attacks on healthcare IoT devices

Prioritise and address the most critical device risks for remediation

Segment medical devices to block attackers and enable secure healthcare

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Ponemon Institute Survey of Over 500 Hospitals Reveals:

Healthcare IoT Risks Compromise Care

Cynerio’s latest report in collaboration with the Ponemon Institute shows that the cybersecurity industry isn’t doing enough to protect hospitals from attacks:


of hospitals have had their IoT/IoMT devices attacked in the past two years.


of hospital data breaches involve IoT devices.


of attacked hospitals pay the ransom when victimised by ransomware.


of hospitals had increased mortality rates after a cyberattack.

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Device Risks Enable Hospital Cyber Threats

Cynerio Research Shows Vulnerable Healthcare IoT Makes Hospitals an Attack Target

Network-connected medical devices have made patient care more streamlined and efficient but also expanded the attack surface.  As a result, the typical hospital environment is at greater risk of a data breach or having its infrastructure shut down by a ransomware attack:

Over 50% of healthcare IoT devices have a critical risk that would jeopardise patient health, safety or data if exploited.

Almost 75% of IV pumps have vulnerabilities that endanger patient safety.

More than 50% of oncology, pharmacology and lab devices run on versions of Windows that have reached end of life.

Move aside Urgent11 and Ripple20 – even in 2022, the most common healthcare IoT device risk is an insecure password!

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