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Operationally-Safe Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Empowering Healthcare Providers with the Tools to Achieve a Sustainable Zero Trust Infrastructure

A cyber pandemic assaults the healthcare industry in parallel with COVID-19. Achieving robust and sustainable cybersecurity posture in healthcare is infamously challenging, even though it’s needed more than ever: Standard security tools lack clinical context and enforcing clinically-blind policies can disrupt medical device function, damage clinical workflows, and jeopardize patient safety.

To ensure operational continuity and optimal patient outcomes, healthcare providers need a sustainable cybersecurity infrastructure with fast and easy set-up that simultaneously guarantees healthcare organizations’ integrity and cybersecurity. In today’s cyber climate, insider and external threats are of equal concern and traditional firewall and perimeter security no longer suffice

Cynerio’s Healthcare IoT Cybersecurity Platform fortifies healthcare facilities against cyber threats with a suite of operationally-safe Zero Trust security solutions. They’re proactive and preventative, covering every threat vector for every connected device--from medical/IoMT and Enterprise IoT to OT systems. They deliver real-time insights, automatically configure policies, and provide the tools IT security teams need to quickly build a sustainable and robust healthcare-safe Zero Trust infrastructure that keeps patients and clinical environments safe.

Healthcare IoT devices are difficult to protect. They rely on unusual connections and often run unsupported OS that can't be patched. Standard security tools aren’t healthcare safe and can jeopardize patients and break the network.

Cynerio's Virtual Segmentation capability provides hospitals with healthcare-safe segmentation and security policies. With the ability to define, test, validate, and edit all policies before they’re enforced, hospitals can be 100% confident in network security, patient safety, and service continuity.

White Paper

Adopting Healthcare-Safe Zero Trust Security: 3 Main Drivers that Make the Case

Take a deep dive into how to build an operationally-safe Zero Trust infrastructure through the lens of three real-world drivers afflicting healthcare IT networks. Discover how to streamline risk mitigation and how to use healthcare-specific Zero Trust security tools to ensure patient safety and guarantee confidentiality.

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Data Sheet

Fortifying Healthcare Facilities Against Cyber Risk with Cynerio’s Automated Zero Trust Cybersecurity Platform

Appropriate threat mitigation strategies differ depending on device-specific risk factors. Gain a deeper understanding of what Zero Trust tools can be applied on a case-by-case basis, when they should be applied, and how to apply them based on a device’s specific vulnerabilities, the threat vectors used to exploit them, and the communications required to maintain operational continuity.

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Employing Zero Trust Security Tools in Clinical Environments

Network segmentation is a major challenge in healthcare environments, but critical to achieving a robust and sustainable Zero Trust security infrastructure. Tap into multiple resources detailing how to safely enforce segmentation policies configured to safeguard patients, data integrity, and device availability in complex clinical ecosystems.

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Secure Your Clinical Network with an Operationally-Safe Zero Trust Infrastructure

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